Bigfork, MT 26 April 2023 – uAvionix Corporation, a leading provider of avionics for crewed and uncrewed aviation, announced today that the AV-Mag remote magnetometer for the AV-30-C Display has received STC approval from the FAA for installation on certified aircraft covered by the AV-30-C STC. The approval opens the door for thousands of AV-30-C users to enjoy improved Directional Gyro performance through magnetic aiding, resulting in better navigation and a safer flying experience.

“Approval of the AV-Mag for our AV-30-C customers exemplifies uAvionix‘s commitment to supporting our customers with innovative and effective avionics,“ noted Ryan Braun, uAvionix Managing Director for Crewed Aviation. “Connecting pilots to relevant information for a safer, faster, and more convenient experience is at the heart of our development plans, and we look forward to delivering more certified products in the months ahead. “

With a simple installation and configuration process, installers can quickly mount and calibrate the AV-Mag for use. A software update to the AV-30-C version 2.3.9 is required and will be made available on the uAvionix website. Shipments of AV-Mag will begin soon, starting with preorders.

The AV-Mag is available for order through uAvionix and its network of Qualified Installersauthorized resellers, and partners. Installation and support documentation is easy to access. Visit to learn more.