Avcraft Engineering | AV-20-S
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NZD$1,493.67 Exc GST

AV-20-S Multi-Function Display

Complement Your Panel with a 12-In-One Display. Perfect for gliders, homebuilt or experimental aircraft.


Cutting-Edge Technology Without the Cutting

AV-20-S fits in your existing 2” panel slot seamlessly. By mounting from behind, eliminating the need for cutting or replacing your panel.

Customizable Display

  • AoA Display (Voice Alerting & Peaks)
  • G-Meter Display (Voice Alerting & Peaks)
  • Attitude (Roll / Pitch)
  • Slip / Skid Indication
  • Clock (GMT / Local)
  • Outside Air Temperature (C / F) (Requires OAT Probe)
  • Bus Voltage Display
  • Dual User Timers (Count Up / Down)
  • Engine Run Timer
  • Flight Timer
  • Density Altitude Display (Requires OAT Probe)
  • True Airspeed Display (Kts / Mph) (Requires OAT Probe)
  • Audio Alerts (AoA, G, Roll Limits)

Goodbye Glare

With a matte display, AV-20-S is visible in direct sunlight and automatically adjusts brightness to ambient light.

Eyes On the Sky

Fly focused and aware with customizable audio alerts. AV-20-S’ many display configurations offer several audio triggers to alert you of critical flight information.

Avoid Stalls

The AV-20-S alerts you visually and aurally if you approach a dangerous AoA. AoA is calculated by comparing the aircraft’s pitch, flight path, and G-loading.

Specification Value
Input Voltage Nominal +10 to +32 VDC
Input Voltage Max +60 VDC
Input Power Nominal 3 Watts (0.25Amps @ 12VDC)
Input Power Max 6 Watts (0.50 Amps @ 12VDC)
Required Circuit Breaker 1 Amp
Operation on Battery 30 Minutes (Standard 15°C Env)
Physical Attributes
Mounting Configuration 2 ¼” Round Instrument Hole
Dimensions wo/Connector 2.4 x 2.4 x 1.2 Inches
Weight 0.25 Lbs.
Electrical Connector 9 Pin Male D-Sub
Pneumatic Connectors ¼” OD Quick Connect
Mounting (4X) #6-32 Machine Screws
Case Material High Impact ABS Plastic
Operating Temp -20°C to +55°C
Storage Temp (48 Hrs) -30°C to +80°C (Via Analysis)
Humidity (48 Hrs) 90% RH (Via Analysis)
Diagonal Size 1.8”
Contrast Ratio (Typical) 500
Brightness (Typical) 1000 cd/m2
Viewing Angle Left/Right 60°
Viewing Angle Up 45°
Viewing Angle Down 10°
Backlight Lifetime (Typical) 50,000 Hrs