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NZD$107,986.27 NZD$150,443.13 Exc GST

Bring Workload-reducing Stability and Control to Helicopter Flight

  • Cost-effective digital flight control solution brings superior stability, efficiency and safety enhancements to helicopters
  • Helicopter-tailored safety features such as stability augmentation system (SAS), overspeed and low speed protection, a dedicated return-to-level (LVL) mode, Helicopter Electronic Stability and Protection (Garmin H-ESP) and hover assist
  • Boasts superior integration potential with a variety of Garmin flight displays and navigation sources as well as third-party equipment
  • Attitude-based flight control system with advanced AHRS technology and redundant, cross-checking sensors
  • Available yaw axis servo supplements tail rotor pedal input by the pilot to help maintain heading and keep the helicopter in smooth, coordinated flight

Note: Dealer Install Only

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As a helicopter operator, you’re focused on getting maximum productivity and mission effectiveness from your equipment and personnel while achieving the highest levels of safety. To meet the challenge in today’s operating environment, you need smart technology that shares this same focus. And that’s what our GFC 600H flight control system is all about. Its advanced digital automation features include a stability augmentation system (SAS), hover assist, H-ESP technology, automatic LVL mode and more. Plus, cyclic-mounted controls allow easy engagement of the flight control system and its primary functions without taking a hand off the controls or going “eyes-down” in the cockpit. You can count on GFC 600H to give you a more stable flight platform that serves to significantly reduce inflight workload, fatigue and stress levels — allowing pilots to focus more attention on accomplishing the missions at hand.

Smooth Handling and Hovering

As a top-level feature, GFC 600H includes stability augmentation inputs to help stabilize the helicopter. The subtle corrections provided by SAS serve to improve the helicopter’s basic handling characteristics by maintaining a commanded attitude. In addition, when the system detects that you’re hovering, the innovative hover assist feature will automatically provide flight control inputs to help maintain that position over the ground. It will also hold heading in hover when equipped with the available yaw axis control.

Maximizing Performance and Capability

Any pilot who’s spent time flying helicopters knows how demanding these operations can be, particularly when faced with complicated missions in adverse weather conditions or complex environments. The GFC 600H flight control system provides pilots a variety of advanced capabilities to help accomplish the multitude of missions they face. The attitude hold (ATT) mode, activated via the mode controller or force trim release button on the cyclic, requires no pilot input on the controls to maintain the commanded pitch, roll or heading; however, while activated, the pilot can easily “fly through” the flight control inputs for smooth hand-flown maneuvers.

In Coupled (CPL) mode, GFC 600H provides the necessary control inputs to achieve the desired flight path. For maneuvers such as search and rescue patterns or visual approaches, the system can use guidance from a compatible WAAS-enabled navigation source — such as our GTN™ 750 or GTN 650 series of touchscreen avionics — to automatically fly the helicopter along a desired lateral and vertical flight path. Vertical modes include altitude hold, altitude select, vertical speed, indicated airspeed and glidepath/glideslope. Lateral modes include heading select, navigation and approach.

Electronic Trim Controls

GFC 600H includes a force trim release on the cyclic, allowing the pilot to reset the pitch and roll reference simply by flying the aircraft to the desired attitude and then releasing the force trim button. Once released, GFC 600H continues to hold the attitude you’ve selected. In addition, the system’s “beep trim” capability allows you to make pitch and roll input commands to the system directly from the cyclic-mounted controls. You can also beep trim vertical flight director references such as IAS, vertical speed and altitude.

Fly with Electronic Stability and Protection

As a standard feature, Garmin H-ESP helps the pilot remain within a safe envelope when hand-flying the helicopter. Should the pilot exceed pre-determined pitch, roll or airspeed limitations, H-ESP provides a corrective force on the flight controls proportionate to the exceedance. H-ESP functions independently of the system — although it uses the same control servos — to assist in maintaining a safe, stable flight condition whether the system is engaged or not. As needed, H-ESP can be manually disabled to allow for tactical maneuvers. To further enhance safety in potentially disorienting situations, a dedicated LVL mode can be engaged by the pilot to automatically initiate recovery from unusual attitudes and return the aircraft to straight-and-level flight.

Fly with Electronic Stability and Protection

Keep Your Speed Within Limits

The GFC 600H flight control system’s control capabilities also encompass overspeed and low speed protection. In an overly high airspeed situation, for example, overspeed protection will engage and apply back-pressure to the controls to increase pitch attitude, thus preventing the aircraft from exceeding airspeed limits. Conversely, if airspeed becomes too low while in altitude hold or vertical speed modes, low speed protection provides control inputs to maintain safe speeds for the selected mode.

Multiple Configurations and Options

The robust hardware used in the GFC 600H system’s scalable architecture allows for both 2-axis and 3-axis configurations to support the flight features and handling characteristics needed for your helicopter. The stack-width integrated mode controller features a night vision goggle (NVG) compatible display and offers access to all flight control modes and functions. Integrated “smart” servos provide pitch and roll inputs as commanded by the system. The available third servo provides input for yaw axis control capability — which works to maintain heading while hovering as well as helping to keep your helicopter in coordinated flight while in cruise or as you’re making adjustments to the collective. Digitally controlled speed and torque limits on these inputs allow faster, crisper and more powerful response — enabling GFC 600H to track the intended flight path with smooth efficiency.

Multiple Configurations and Options

It’s Confidence-inspiring Technology

With its extensive features and advanced technology, GFC 600H offers unprecedented value in a flight control solution for helicopters. Backed by a comprehensive warranty and the industry’s No. 1-rated product support team, it’s truly a system you can own and fly with confidence. Supplemental type certification (STC) for GFC 600H on the AS350 B2/B3 and Bell 505 has been completed. See your authorized Garmin installation center for more details on configuring a GFC 600H flight control package for your helicopter.

Additional Information

Airbus AS350 2-Axis, Airbus AS350 3-Axis, Bell 505 2-Axis, Bell 505 3-Axis