Avcraft Engineering | System Fifty Five X
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System Fifty Five X

NZD$33,369.69 NZD$41,714.19 Exc GST

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System Fifty Five X


High-performance, two-axis autopilot for reducing
pilot workload in IMC through all modes of flight


High Performance: Fully IFR-capable, with nav and glide slope intercepts that make it ideal for approaches.
GPS Roll Steering: Extremely accurate, hands-off GPS navigation.
Control Wheel Steering: Hand-fly aircraft and then let the autopilot take over to hold the existing turn rate and vertical speed.
Hundreds of STC’s: From light singles through piston twins.


Advanced features


• Case contained, radio stack mount
• Heading preselect & hold*
• Altitude hold with optional altitude trim
• Course intercept capability
• NAV mode
• Dual mode-HDG/NAV & HDG/APR
• VOR/LOC/GS/REV/GPS coupling with 3 gain levels
• And much more



Additional Information

2-Axis Standard, 3-Axis Standard