Avcraft Engineering | Aircraft Maintenance
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Aircraft Maintenance

If it’s a 50 hour oil and filter change for a Cessna 150, a Phase Inspection on a Beech Kingair or an Annual Inspection on a Pilatus PC-12, we have the skills, expertise, knowledge and tooling to assist you with all your scheduled, and unscheduled maintenance needs.

We utilise the latest in Maintenance Tracking Software specifically tailored to suit our needs. Once enrolled, we can efficiently and effectively track all your scheduled maintenance and time lifed components. On completion of work, we can generate a concise report outlining all future scheduled maintenance allowing you to plan ahead

Our modern, clean, and well equipped workshop can easily accomodate a large number of aircraft with room to work safely and efficiently.

We have strict policies in place to ensure all cowls, panels, interior components etc are identified and safely stored while aircraft are undergoing maintenance. This ensures no damage to any items whilst in our care.

You can rest assured we will take good care of your asset!

Aircraft Repairs

We cater for any level of repair or rebuild and specialise in aircraft recovery and insurance repairs.

  • Aircraft recoveries
  • Insurance repairs
  • Rebuilds
  • Extensive sheet metal capabilities
  • TIG welding and fabrication
  • Corrosion repairs and paint rectification
  • Minor fabric repairs to full recovering using all fabric systems

24 Hour Breakdown Service

We offer a 24 hour breakdown service New Zealand wide. Using our own aircraft enables us to travel quickly and cost effectively. We have dedicated fly-away kits containing tools and spares to cover most breakdown requirements and minimise downtime

Aircraft/ Engine Modification

Get the absolute best economy or the latest Engine Monitor to keep an eye on your expensive investment. We have installed GAMI fuel injectors and Digital Engine Monitoring systems in many aircraft enabling significant fuel and cost savings. The average big-bore Continental engine can save up to 10 litres per hour when running Lean-of-Peak = more $$$$ in your pocket! In fact, GAMI injectors can pay for themselves in as little as 150 hours!

We have installed Micro Aerodynamics Vortex Generators on many different aircraft with amazing performance and handling improvements

Tired of replacing expensive, short lived lamps and strobes? Ask us about the latest LED technology – instrument, nav, landing, taxi, position and strobe lights. These are now surprisingly affordable, PMA and STC approved, and offer vastly superior performance and life. You may never have to replace a lamp again!

We have done some interesting upgrades recently including installation of a 5 bladed MT-Composite propeller on a Pilatus PC-12/47, this is the first PC-12 / MT-Propeller combination in Australasia